10 first birthday pictures you should capture

It’s quite a big deal when a baby is celebrating their first birthday. Every parent of the child who is celebrating this big day wants the celebration to be special and memorable. This event can be considered a big milestone not only for the baby but for parents as well. This is why there is a need to capture every moment when celebrating this wonderful highlight of the baby’s life.

If you are going to take pictures during a first birthday celebration, here are some tips and tricks that will help you record a very special day.

The preparations

Parents spend a lot of time thinking about the theme, decorations, colors, food, and every little detail to make the party special. As the photographer, make sure to capture them. Make sure you arrive early at the event so you can take pictures of these before the guest arrives. These photos will be good souvenirs and will bring a nice visual to the photo book or album.

The birthday outfit

Parents usually dress up their bundle of joy to their finest for this big day. Take a picture of the celebrant wearing their outfit as soon as they put the clothes on before it gets ruined by drool, cake icing, and other damage. Ideally, take the picture before the guests arrive so you can take many solo shots of the baby and get the perfect shot.

With the parents

Before the chaos happens, it’s essential to get a picture of the celebrant with their parents. It’s ideal to take the pictures before the party begins. If the baby has siblings, then take a family photo of them. These images will serve as proof of joy and excitement in celebrating the first year of their precious child.

The Birthday cake

A birthday cake is the best. Make sure to take a picture of this wonderful masterpiece before it is sliced. Include important details like the cute designs, cake toppers Sydney, or the amazing frosting styles.

The cake smashing

The cake smashing is a wonderful highlight of the celebration. It’s the time where the Mommy lets the baby happily make a mess from her food—seeing that baby digging their hands into the cake and frosting, oh what a cute sight. There will be cakes all over their hands, their outfit, their face, and even their hair. You don’t want to miss this moment. Make sure to take photos in action. Spend a few minutes with the celebrant and capture everything; their messy face, their little hands, their expressions, etc. Sometimes they like it when someone is taking pictures of them and sometimes, they show their blank expressions. Regardless, documenting this part is priceless.

The singing of happy birthday song

This time, everyone will gather around and sing the birthday song. This will be a great time to capture a family shot. Also, take pictures of guests singing happy birthday, especially the kids.

Blowing of candle

Taking pictures of the baby blowing their candle is a must. Some babies don’t know how to blow candles yet, so maybe you’ll capture an image of parents doing it for their child.

The guests

Walkthrough the event’s a place and observe the party. The guests are part of the celebration so take pictures of them too. It can be a planned shot where you ask them to pose for you or capture unplanned moments like when they clap their hands, laugh or smile. This is a great moment to capture other kid’s pictures too. The celebrants family can include these images when they are sending their thank you notes.

The gifts

Having pictures of the gifts can be a good remembrance of the special day. Find some handwritten notes that are included in the gifts and take a close up shot of the message. It’s a way of adding a personal touch to it.

The aftermath

The party is fun but can be a little messy too. It would be a fun idea to take pictures of the after-effect. Walk around the area and find shots that would tell a story of how the party was a success. Also, take a picture of the tired or sleeping celebrant after a successful party, that would be a perfect ending to the wonderful occasion.